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The “Secret” Pamphlets Are Here!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

photo 1 (4)The first anarchist pamphlet that I held came to me in a protective sleeve—modern airtight cello shelter for the pages within. Ari had brought it in for me to see. He was thrilled to be sharing an experience such as this. His enthusiasm was palpable. He handled it with care: “Are your hands clean? Better wash them to be sure…” There was a simple title pressed into the cover page—a fragile fold of blue paper, age-worn at the edges. Made before Roosevelt took up a public voice for the common man. I carefully opened the cover and saw a hand-laid image on the first page. I continued a giddy awe-filled journey through the pages of letter-pressed type and carved and stamped pictures. The time it took to create one page was certainly not the point and scroll and click of today’s modern publications. This pamphlet carried with it a message of time and care and belief in creating something that could be felt on a spiritual level of appreciation. Not only for the message, but how it travels to the reader. We’ve had these pamphlets in mind as we work to create those that we bring to you through Zingerman’s Press. Each one will be a little different, and each one will have spent some time in our hands before they make it to yours. Enjoy! Jenny