Time Management for Lapsed Anarchists, Tip #6

Secret 37 in Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 3: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Managing Ourselves takes a look at how we perceive and use our time. In this essay, Ari includes 15 practical tips on how to make better use of our time.  6. Move Forward Mindfully, Not Carelessly This tip is really about pace—moving steadily forward, neither … Continued

Creating a Culture of Positive Appreciation

We believe there are 5 elements of creating the culture that you’re going for in your business. Teach it Define it Live it Measure it Reward it Whether it’s a culture of great service, financial awareness, creativity… each step plays a part. Today we’re sharing Step 3–Live it–from Secret 13 in Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 1: A Lapsed … Continued

Moving Your Organization from V to A

Today we bring you an excerpt from Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 2: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader. In Secret 28, Ari shares a list of 18 basic, but important, small things that leaders can (and by all rights ought to) do to be effective in their work. Unlike most of the book, the contents … Continued