The “Secret” Pamphlets Are Here!

The first anarchist pamphlet that I held came to me in a protective sleeve—modern airtight cello shelter for the pages within. Ari had brought it in for me to see. He was thrilled to be sharing an experience such as this. His enthusiasm was palpable. He handled it with care: “Are your hands clean? Better … Continued

First Pages!

We thought we’d give you a sneak peek at the proof. We’re getting closer to the publication date of Part 3!

A Pocket Book of Bacon

Working with the folks at Zingerman’s Mail Order, we’ve put together a pocket book of bacon. This little keepsake primer comes to you with your first shipment of the Bacon Club! It includes a bit of bacon history, a quick-read glossary, information on smoke & cure, and instructions for cooking it–from the microwave, to the … Continued

Handmade Books

We’ve been busy cutting papers, punching holes, and sewing… books! Our little chapbook on Sardines was a hit at the State of the Book last month, and our Wisconsin Cheese book caused quite a stir of excitement at the Wisconsin Cheese Conference recently. Each of these titles are part of a first edition of handmade … Continued