Hope Booster Box

Ari shares, "It is my hope that in sharing these learnings, hope levels in caring organizations can be raised to help folks, even in these trying times, to hold course, and to sustain themselves even while they are suffering from the consequences of the current construct of the world. Here’s to good things to come!"

Included in this Hope Booster Box:

Secret 44: Building a Hopeful Business
Hopefulness is a consistent characteristic of successful people and organizations. As anarchist Peter Kropotkin once said, “it is always hope ... which makes revolutions.”

Secret 45: A Six-Pointed Hope Star
Many of our long-standing organizational recipes at Zingerman's already help to build the idea of Hope in indirectly. The Six-Pointed Hope Star that’s illuminated in this chapter is a more direct way to do it. The Star provides anyone who’s interested with a practical, repeatable, and extremely effective tool to help make hope happen.

Working Through Hard Times: Life and Leadership Learnings from 2020
What a year it’s been! As we work our way through the marathon of a minefield that was 2020, this newly-released pamphlet from Zingerman’s Press shares Ari’s look back on the lessons learned in the first ten months of the global pandemic. Each offers a tangible tool for helping get through hard days—both the pandemic with which we’re currently confronted, but also any tough times in the years to come. This is (hopefully) the last pandemic any of us have to go through, but Ari’s thoughts about getting through are timeless tools we can put to work throughout the rest of our lives—both at work, at home, and in our own heads.

The Art of Business: Why I Want to Be an Artist
While anger rises, frustration mounts, antagonism increases, and negativity and naysaying dominate the national news ... Maybe art is the answer?

What would happen if we approached our lives as artists? Put together our communication as if we were poets? Designed our spaces—small and large—as if we were architects? Listened to others like a musician? What if business leaders looked at their organizations as if they were making art for the ages instead of being just vehicles for making money? What if each of us—not just those who society calls “creatives”—are capable of turning what we do every day into amazing art?

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