Good Work Leadership Pamphlet Pack

Included in this packet you'll find: “12 Natural Laws of Business,” “Servant Leadership,” “Stewardship,” and “Going into Business with Emma Goldman”—plus a PDF of the Good Work Introduction from Part 2.

A note from Ari:
"It’s my strong belief that when we work in harmony with nature—in this case, human nature, as outlined in the 'Natural Laws of Business'—we move meaningfully towards good work. In doing so we can create workplaces that honor the unique capabilities and creativity of every single person we hire; when we embrace that the healthiest ecosystems in nature are the most diverse, and do our best to replicate the natural diversity in what we do and who we do it with every day; when we bring beauty into every single action; when we make dignity and grace into the ways we work every single day, then we have the chance to take things to the next level. When we do that, we create good work. And when we make good work, we can change the world."

We've chosen this collection of pamphlets to share some of the tools we use here at Zingerman's towards this work.

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