Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating (Hardcover)

How to Choose the Best Bread, Cheeses, Olive Oil, Pasta, Chocolate, and Much More

Zingerman's co-founder Ari Weinzweig has collected food information, food history, personal foodmaker stories, and recipes that really work. It's an excellent resource for experienced cooks and an inspiration for those of us who are just starting down the road, and is written in a fun-to-read, approachable style. This is the Hardcover edition, no longer in print. The softcover is still in print.


You'll begin to understand the ins and outs of foods such as balsamic vinegar, great olive oil, wild rice, artisan cheeses, and much more. There are lots of well-researched facts and useful information to help you stock a larder that's tastier than ever, and plenty of recipes to put your knowledge to immediate use!


Hardcover (this is the out-of-print hardcover edition that we are offering at the Press - still printed in paperback and available at zingermans.com)

512 pages


2-color text

ISBN 13: 978-06184-1108-5

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2003)


From Publishers Weekly magazine

... [Ari] opens up a world of gourmet particulars: he tells not just how to select a good olive oil or a real balsamic vinegar from the thousands on the shelf, but explains the differences among varietal honeys like chestnut, eucalyptus and lemon blossom; hot-smoked and cold-smoked salmon; Spanish and Iranian saffron; dry-cured and brine-cured olives. Weinzweig, who has a certifiable obsession with artisanal products, is at his best describing the often painstaking processes that transform raw ingredients into culinary phenomena. If globalization has made many imported foods both more available and less authentic, Weinzweig's paeans to San Daniele prosciutto and Cabrales blue cheese do much to restore the romance of the table. Weinzweig occasionally waxes pedantic or obvious ("better fish tastes better"), but his mouthwatering brand of fanaticism speaks for itself. Does it make sense to spend money buying a book that simply impels you to increase your grocery budget by 50%? Well, as Weinzweig would have it, "good food is for everyone"; when it comes to the luxuries of the table, there's no disputing taste.

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