Secrets #20 and #21


It’s a tête-bêche energy boost! We’ve combined our energy secrets into one pamphlet, along with a bonus energy tracking exercise. We’re increasing our energy by having fun flipping from cover to cover: Secret #20 on one side, Secret #21 on the other!

Secret #20: Raising the Energy Bar

This secret is all about energy—not the kind that’s connected to light bulbs or gas pumps, but energy of the sort that flows through each of us as individuals, and in turn, throughout all of our organizations. The work that we’ve done to teach, define, live, measure, and recognize positive energy has clearly helped to meaningfully enhance a culture here that was already very energized when we started that work back in 2010. Here is our overview on the subject—a dozen ways to better manage our energy every day!

Secret #21: Defining Positive Energy

Like our 3 Steps to Great Service or 3 Steps to Great Finance, the 4 Steps to Effective Energy Management in this chapter make up a recipe that liter­ally everyone in our organization learns and uses almost every day. The recipe has, I’m confident, helped everyone here be more mindful of, and effective at, managing our own and the group’s energy. Which in turn translates directly into better customer experiences, a more enjoyable workplace, and better … everything! Feel free to adapt these ideas at will.