Zingerman’s Press is dedicated to sharing the Zingerman’s Experience through the written word. We write and publish our own books celebrating the lessons we’ve learned from doing business, as well as the foods we love to sell, and the stories of the foods’ histories and the artisans who make them.

In 2009, we made the move at Zingerman’s to go back to putting out our own books—to, as author Hugh MacLeod admonished, “ignore everybody” and move away from the big, not-so-much-fun (for us at least) world of mass-market publishing and go our own way. It wasn’t a snap decision. When we’d opted to do a couple of books with mainstream publishers earlier on, we made that move mindfully as well. We’d heard enough stories to know it might not be ideal for us, but we figured we should try it firsthand before we ruled it out altogether. So we did. It’s hardly evil, or horrific, and there are far worse fates in life than having to put out a book with a big publisher. But we’re about a hundred times happier doing it on our own; for us, our way definitely beats the highway, even when the “highway” means a far higher rate of short-term sales.

As we’ve done with our food for nearly four decades, we work to create books that are truly special both in content and in form, written and designed by us. Whether they are published as bound books, electronically, or made by hand by our in-house bookbinders, we hope that every Zingerman’s publication will be read with relish and shared with mustard for many years to come.