Zingerman’s Press Annual Plan in Poetry

Here goes!

Plan as poetry
highlights 2009-10
Zing Press ZAP haiku

(by Jillian Downey)

Bacon book rollout
Warm ZCoB support and help
Camp Bacon success

Reaching out to stores
work to build relationship
new kids on the block

Ari travels far
Spreading bacon booksignings
Introvert workout

Dear book reviewer
We thought you might like to see
Keeping fingers crossed

More bacon options
Local handbound editions
Pig Leather, linen

Web site ordering
all systems running smoothly
warehouse data flows

Content add content!
Microsite and bacon blog
Someone IS out there

ZCoB book projects
Lots more great stories to tell
Ideas become books

More new products soon
Pull from five foods, Newsletters.
Content everywhere

Reissue old gems
Food books in public domain
Jan Longone’s aid

Huddle, DOR
Does this go below the line?
Peachtree uncovered

Great service focus
always learning and inspired
by ZCoBbers skill

Conserve resources
tap in to local know-how
examine choices

Read, write, plan, listen
working, learning, building trust
Path 2 partnership

Bonus Poem
How to make a book
By hook or by crook
A poem in 20 rhymed couplets
by Jillian Downey

Someone has an idea or passion to share
Research, writing, solitary labor and care

Author and publisher a contact to make
Fame and success for both at stake

Planning the marketing – who’s the book for?
And how will they find it – from us? From a store?

Editor edits the manuscript with pen
Red and blue ink and email to sen -d

Author and editor work back and forth to and fro
This paragraph goes here, the other one, below

Illustrations can make a book more fun
Ian up all night drawing and painting til it is done

If by chance there are recipes to taste
When done at Z house no food will go to waste!

Decisions, decisions – what price, size, and shape?
Crucial elements all – once chosen, no escape!

An important moment – all the words and art are in hand
Neatly tied with a bow, or a rubber band

Next comes the text design, create sample pages
Pass them around, get feedback, improvements made in stages

On to the layout, of frontmatter, text, and recipes
The correct number of pages achieved with ease

This next stage is called pageproofs
You print it all out, and look for any goofs

The author and editor want to see it too,
As well as some magazines – we’re hoping for a review

And now the indexer can begin their task
To help the reader when they have a question to ask

The jacket or cover must be designed and laid out
An eye-catchy design and much talked about

Time to talk to printers, get schedules and prices
Recycled paper, soy inks, a local printer entices

Last stage of layout – add index and final changes
After this step, no returns or exchanges

High excitement – at last its off to the printer
6 weeks, to 8 weeks, be it summer or winter

Book preorders lined up, warehouse standing by,
Ready for those books, for people to buy

Lovely books in hand, celebrations swirled,
Now the work begins, to share them with the world.