2009 Kerrytown Book Festival

Yesterday was the 2009 Kerrytown Book Festival; I had a table for Zingerman’s Press. There was a steady flow of people all day long (11am-5pm). I could see the main tent was packed for the panel discussion with Ari and Jane and Michael Stern (authors of Roadfood). The hilarity of the nearby cake walks was audible from my table too – I saw some of the cakes go by when the winners were taking them away – some pretty fabulous creations! Including the Bacon Book cake made by Zingerman’s Bakehouse; pictured here being held by the winner. (A photo of this cake was up today on AnnArborLive.com too.)

Bacon Book Cake

At the Zingerman’s Press table I was showing off the brand new pigskin-leather-bound edition, with its linen case (both made here in town by Bessenberg Bindery, the first one of only twenty), and the new cloth edition too, the case for which was also hand made by local book artist Jean Buescher Bartlett. And as usual the Russian edition of the Guide to Giving Great Service caught lots of peoples’ attention!

At the Kerrytown Book Festival