Bringing Home the Bacon in St. Paul

The folks at Common Good Books will be hosting a lunch time talk and book signing with Ari this Tuesday, September 20th at noon!

Ari will speak about the 12 Natural Laws of Business, and his thoughts on why operating in violation of them has created an energy crisis in the American workplace. His approaches are applicable whether you’re running a law office, a library, a restaurant, a record label, a software firm, or an organic farm – they are the behind-the-scenes “secret” stuff that goes into making a very special, sustainable business of any kind.  On a less serious note, Ari’s previous book, Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, gets into the story of America’s favorite meat; its history, what makes better bacon better, tales of bacon makers around the country, chocolate gravy, and other enticing tales of pork bellies. Come on over and say hello!