Sustainable Business and Bacon at Muddy’s

On Thursday, October 18th Ari will be at Muddy’s Bakeshop in Memphis, Tennessee talking about two of his favorite subjects, sustainable business and bacon. If you’re not familiar with our friends at Muddy’s, here’s a clip from their website that gives a great picture of what Kat and the gang do very well:

Muddy’s is a small neighborhood bakery made of up of people who have chosen to pursue a career where they connect with their community through baked goods; we do this because we love to bake (and eat!) and we love people.

Muddy’s is for you if:
you want to connect with the people making your food.
you care about good ingredients.
you need a little boost in your day… or want to give others a boost!
you enjoy delicious baked goods that are made with care.
you value a business that values its employees.
you want to help pass on the positive energy and good will.
you want to participate in the experience.
ya get it!

The event will be from 6-7 pm. Ari will be speaking,  then signing copies of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Leadership series, as well as Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon. Come on by and say hello!