Go the Extra Mile!

To give great service, we believe it’s more than engaging the guest and getting them what they’re looking for. To give great service, we add a step we call “going the extra mile.”

Going the extra mile at Zingerman’s means doing more than the guest has asked for—actually exceeding their expectations. Going the extra mile makes our customers leave their interactions with us thinking, “Wow! That was really nice.” And, we know from experience, it makes an enormous difference in the quality of the customer’s experience.

There are countless things we can do in the food business to go the extra mile for our customers. At Zingerman’s, they might include:

  • Giving a taste of a new item to a regular customer.
  • Sending an article to a client about their field of work.
  • Calling a customer back a few days after they received their order to follow up on the effectiveness of the work we did for them.
  • Adding a sample of something extra to an order.
  • Sending a hand-written “thank you” note or email to a customer.
  • Carrying a customer’s bag to their car.

This is all simple stuffPhysically, it’s usually the easiest part of the processBut because we—not the customer— have to come up with what it means to go the extra mile for the guest, it’s often the most challenging part of the process, mentallyIf the guest asks for something, simply filling their request does not qualify as an extra mile.

Ultimately, I think these extra miles bring that little something extra to our serviceIt’s the stuff that sets us apart from our countless competitors and that keeps our customers coming back for more positive Zingerman’s Experiences.

Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service

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