Visioning Pamphlet Bundle

We're excited to offer you this Visioning bundle, with 2 notebooks included! Whether you're starting out on your first draft vision or day 1,982 of journaling, this collection is for you. Any of these Secrets will be helpful on their own, but we think all of them enjoyed together will make for the best balanced “meal.”


Secret 6: Revisiting the Power of Visioning
Visioning is one of the keys to the way we work at Zingerman's. It's a Natural Law of Business that organizations with clear and compelling visions of the future are more likely to be more successful. The idea is to begin our work by first figuring out what we want success to look like at a particular point in the future, then work backward to the present.

Secret 7: Writing a Vision of Greatness
This chapter outlines the basics of writing a vision. It gives some background on the visioning process, why and how it works, and how it's helped to change our organization for the better. It includes a detailed look at our four elements of an effective vision.

Secret 9: An 8-Step Recipe for Writing a Vision
This is the recipe for drafting a vision of greatness for your business, department, project or personal life. It's guaranteed to get you a really good first draft in under thirty minutes!

Secret 35: The Power of Personal Visioning
Because personal visioning is such a big part of sustainable self-management, Ari's devoted this entire essay to Natural Law #1: An inspiring, strategically sound vision leads the way to greatness (especially if you write it down!).

Secret 47: Visionary Roots
Included here are new learnings, realizations that we’ve had since Ari first started writing on the power of visioning in business in Secrets #6 to 9, and then again in Secret #35 on personal visioning. If you’re even a little bit familiar with our approach, these pages will hopefully build on your understanding of the process and how and why it works.

Field Notes Pitch Black Notebook
We're excited to offer a journaling notebook that combines a few of our favorite things! Field Notes from California, the lovely paper from Michigan-based French Paper Co., and matte black. These notebooks, by popular demand, have been made bigger than the traditional Field Notes journals which have always fit in your pocket. These 4-3/4" × 7-1/2" books "allow more room for textual flim-flam," as our friends at Field Notes put it.

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