A Revolution of Dignity in the Twenty-First Century Workplace


Can dignity open the door to a revolution in the twenty-first century workplace?

Ari Weinzweig says, “Yes!” The 100 pages of the new pamphlet detail Ari’s path from feeling deep despair in late February of 2022 in the weeks following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Unsure of how to help, Ari—a Russian history major at University of Michigan many years earlier—began to study the history of Ukraine. Ari shares,

What might feel overwhelming when we’re going through it can be inverted to help open windows of hope, awe, and wonder. Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom,” and that is what I try to do when things like this happen. When I feel down, I do what any geeky, introverted history major might also consider—I hit the books. For me, one of the best ways through suffering and uncertainty is to start studying.

Feeling helpless in Zingerman’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Ari realized one way that he—we all—can fight back against autocracy and indignity even from afar: to create small revolutions of dignity in our daily lives. A revolution of dignity, locally, in the places we live and work every day, is the way to make that happen.

At every level—in companies, communities and countries—dignity is a prerequisite for the effective application of democracy. Dignity pushes back against the arbitrariness, inequity and ineffectiveness of autocracy. Dignity invites inclusion and helps everyone—our colleagues, our kids, our neighbors and people we meet in passing—to feel honored for who they are, to build hope and enhance healing from the divisiveness that’s so prominent in modern society. Dignity, Ari says convincingly, makes a big difference.

About the pamphlet, Jennifer Griggs, MD, creator of The Dignity Lab, says,

Intimate and scholarly, this booklet is both an invitation and a roadmap for anyone facing despair at the state of the world or their world. The reader is likely to see themselves in the stories Ari shares in his latest pamphlet. More than a tour of dignity across time, Ari provides examples of how to practice dignity at work and in the world.