Anarchist (Care and Love) Starter Kit


For more extensive reading on how anarchism can change our language of business, we put together this four-pack of anarchist pamphlets.

Ari shares: Part of what continues to inspire me about Landauer’s work is his insightful argument to start where we are—to work with care and love to create small communities, right now, that would make real the kind of radical caring, inclusive, loving work and relationships we aim for. For Landauer, that’s what anarchism was all about. (Yes, there were anarchists about who were engaged, famously, in acts of assassination and attempts to tear down governments. This is not, as I’m sure you know, my interest. At all. It wasn’t Landauer’s either. He wasn’t really known for his humor, but he did flash a bit of wit on occasion. “Those anarchists,” he wrote, “are not anarchic enough for me.”) Landauer also, appropriately and importantly, understood that the work to make all this happen had to begin inside ourselves. Landauer helped me realize that I had to do my own work if I wanted to make anything else better. If we were able to make those sorts of personal changes, Landauer believed—and I agree—we could create new, more loving, more meaningful, lives:

“This world [we seek] can only be constructed from within. … freedom can only come to life in ourselves and must be nurtured in ourselves before it can appear as an external actuality. … what we are waiting for can only come from ourselves, from our own being … Whoever brings the lost world in himself to life—to individual life—and whoever feels like a true part of the world and not a stranger: he will be the one who arrives not knowing where from and who leaves not knowing where to. To him the world will be what he is to himself. Men such as this will live with each other in solidarity—as men who belong together. This will be anarchy.”

Excerpted from Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 2: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader. Can Anarchism and Capitalism really come together in a productive way? We sure think so. This is about how our approach to both has helped us to build a thriving and successful business that's also caring and community oriented. It blends a belief in both respect for the individual and free choice with respect for customers, staff, product and the free market. If you want to find out how Emma Goldman's approaches to Anarchism can be applied to build a $40,000,000 business, this secret is for you!
This essay could just as easily have been called: How I Spent Three Years Learning That I Didn’t Actually Have To Do a Darned Thing. Free choice is clearly a central political principle of American life. But what's included here is, as per the rest of this book, about what goes on inside us, not what happens in the halls of Congress or on the bench of the Supreme Court. Secret 32 focuses on the importance for each of us to embrace free choice from the inside out.
Excerpted from Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 4: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to the Power of Beliefs in Business. Ari's original interest in anarchist thinking goes back to my days in school at the University of Michigan. The ideas that came out of it lay dormant for most of the following three decades. But in the last six or seven years, he's become increasingly intrigued. He believes that there’s a lot for those of us who are trying to run caring,
In “Going into Business with Emma Goldman,” Ari brings together two seemingly incompatible approaches—the century-old, revolutionary, anarchist beliefs of Emma Goldman and the business world with which she was, for most of her life, at odds. As Ari imagines it, the pamphlet is “an adventure in intellectual time travel—an uplifting, anarchist fable for the modern world.” This pamphlet brings to life Emma Goldman’s history, pulls extensively from her writing and speeches, and takes a few creative twists and turns to imagine her past a bit differently than it was, positioning her perspectives perfectly for the world of progressive business. The 18 lessons in the pamphlet can breathe life into any caring company, interested organization, or individual who wants to live a creative and fulfilled life!