Bottom Line Change: Zingerman’s Recipe for Effective Organizational Change


We teach Bottom Line Change®, our recipe for effective organizational change, in several of our 2-day seminars. But never before had we released it in print.

Despite being crucial to the success of just about any enterprise, effective organizational change rarely wins headlines. When change management is done well, it goes almost unnoticed. When it fails, the effects can be spectacular—million dollar mishaps, unwitting chaos, disgruntled employees, anxiety, disruption and frustration—to name a few.

In this 52-page pamphlet, Ari explains Zingerman’s “recipe” for change management—Bottom Line Change—in his signature approachable style. Brimming with illustrative anecdotes, anarchist wisdoms, tips and techniques, this pamphlet reveals what Ari describes as follows: “Bottom Line Change is a simple, clear, exceptionally effective practice for creating compelling change—large or small—in an organization of any size. It’s a recipe we’ve written down, taught, used, refined, and reused regularly so that over time we will get as good at making constructive change happen as we are at making chicken soup or teaching service techniques.”

Successfully used at Zingerman’s to implement changes of all size and shape, this recipe is now yours to use! We definitely want you to try this at home! And at your business!