Cup or Bowl?


With soups still such an important part of our Bakeshop menu nearly 20 years after we introduced them, we’ve built up quite the repertoire of recipes. Now you’ll be able to make these favorites at home. And instead of us asking you, Cup or bowl?, you’ll get to decide for yourself. And, there’s no need to miss out on the hunk of bread we tuck into your bag, we’ve provided suggested pairings for you—and a surprise recipe just because.

15 soup + 4 stock recipes from Zingerman’s Bakehouse

Expert tips on choosing ingredients and cooking techniques

Suggested Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread pairings for each soup

Cool history and fun stories from the authors

New original Zingerman’s art

Authors: Amy Emberling, Lindsay-Jean Hard & Lee Vedder
52-page soft cover booklet.