The Story of Traditional Wisconsin Cheese


This chapbook is part of a first edition of handmade books produced in Ann Arbor by Zingerman’s Press. A limited number were lovingly made using a simple three-hole pamphlet stitch with a special insert which contains an interview with cheesemaker Ed Janus.

The story recounts the journey of artisan cheese in Wisconsin—borne from wheat-crop failures, moving into the industrial era, then finding its roots again in traditional cheesemaking techniques through the passion of the people, the support of the state of Wisconsin, and the deep-rooted past. Find out why we fell in love with Wisconsin cheese, and you just may find much of your cheese-eating future lies there too!

The text was written by Zingerman’s co-founder and best-selling food writer, Ari Weinzweig, and it was designed in the classic Zingerman’s style. The text was printed on sustainably-forested paper made in the United States. Whether you love cheese or handmade books, we think you’ll enjoy this unique little chapbook.