Zingerman’s Bakehouse Celebrate Every Day: A Year’s Worth of Favorite Recipes for Festive Occasions, Big and Small


From the publisher:

This fun, spirited, and visually rich cookbook from the beloved Zingerman’s Bakehouse contains a full gamut of recipes to mark life events, seasonal holidays, and celebrations, from birthdays and weddings to tailgating, Passover, Mardi Gras, Pi Day, and more!

The first Zingerman’s Bakehouse cookbook was lauded by bakers of all levels for its carefully selected recipes that yield delicious results. Zingerman’s Bakehouse Celebrate Every Day brings that same depth of knowledge, clear instructions, fun spirit, and range of favorite recipes. Within these pages are 80 meticulously tested, delicious, and fun recipes, with more than 100 photographs and spunky sidebars.

The cookies, brownies, cakes, pastries, pizzas, sweet and savory pies, soups, and stews in Zingerman’s Bakehouse Celebrate Every Day are specially curated for the large and small events that add color and texture to our lives. Whether you’re looking for a Pavlova for Passover or the perfect Kentucky Derby watch-party pie, this book is a resource and an inspiration.

BELOVED DESTINATION BAKERY: Zingerman’s huge following brings more than 3,500 guests a week from around the United States and the world to the Bakeshop in Ann Arbor. Customers also eagerly order direct through their catalog and wholesale channels in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

A COLLECTION OF FAVORITE AND MOST-REQUESTED RECIPES: The Bakeshop listens to its audience, and many of these recipes are included because they are most loved and sought after by their brick-and-mortar, catalog, and baking-class customers.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Most of these recipes have never been published, and many are favorite seasonal offerings from the Bakehouse, making this recipe book the only resource on beloved Zingerman’s holiday specialties.

WELL-TESTED RECIPES: The Bakeshop teaches their classes from many of the recipes that appear in this book, so they’re already formulated and tested to perfection, with accessibility for the beginner baker kept in mind.

A VALUE-DRIVEN BRAND THAT CARES: Zingerman’s Bakehouse is working towards a zero-waste status through the use of recycled and compostable materials, energy-efficient equipment, and composting. Zingerman’s Community of Businesses was founded on the basis of teaching, opportunity, and training people up from any position into leadership.

Perfect for

  • Zingerman’s Bakehouse and University of Michigan fans
  • Amateur bakers who are looking to elevate their holiday baking
  • Anyone who loves to celebrate major and minor life events and special occasions year-round
  • Excellent gift for foodies