Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, Leather Edition


This special pigskin leather edition of Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon: Stories of Pork Bellies, Hush Puppies, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music and Bacon Fat Mayonnaise is one of only 20 first editions from the first printing.

Continuing the long tradition of fine leather book binding, each of these 20 copies was sewn and bound in pigskin leather by Jon Buller, founder of Bessenberg Bindery, an artisanal fine book bindery that has been creating beautiful books in Ann Arbor since 1978. Each handcrafted copy has slight, unique variations. The book is printed on acid-free paper to ensure its longevity. The dark red pigskin leather wraps around the entire case. The front and spine are each stamped in gold foil, and the spine has been topped off with yellow and burgundy headbands. A dark yellow linen book cloth slipcase was created by hand for each book, to further protect the volume for generations to come. Each copy is signed by Ari.

We are proud to support the tradition of fine leather book binding, and proud, too, of the fact that virtually everyone involved in creating this artisanal book and slipcase is in southeast Michigan—most are located within a few miles of Zingerman’s.

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