Zingerman’s Statement of Beliefs


This booklet shares the inside scoop on the organizational beliefs that help make Zingerman’s what it is. William James once wrote, “Belief creates the actual fact.” If we want to change the “facts of our lives,” a great place to begin is by examining—and potentially changing—our beliefs.

Zingerman’s newly-released Statement of Beliefs was written and published for us to use internally—it’s a great way to increase inclusion, making training more effective, and help make it easier to manage through difficult situations. By popular request from longtime ZingTrain clients, we decided to offer the new booklet for sale so others can learn from the work we’ve found so rewarding here. In the booklet you’ll find a bit of background about beliefs and how they fit into our lives, 34 beliefs, and examples of what it looks like when we live—or fall short—in making those beliefs a reality.