Emotional Engagement/Self-starter Set


Ari shares, “Effective emotional self-management is rarely listed in job descriptions, but it’s clearly a key component of the quality of our work. Emotional Intelligence is, like making espresso, baking, or customer service, a skill we can learn. Acknowledging its importance, and then supporting folks we work with with training tools and active encouragement, can only help to make that a reality.”

Secret 20: Raising the Energy Bar / Secret 21: Defining Positive Energy It’s a tête-bêche energy boost! We’ve combined our energy secrets into one pamphlet, along with a bonus energy tracking exercise. We’re increasing our energy by having fun flipping from cover to cover: Secret 20 on one side, Secret 21 on the other!
Excerpted from Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 3: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader. When all the big business stuff is said and done—missions and visions written, strategies and systems set, values and cultures established—our long-term success still really comes down to this: the effectiveness with which we manage ourselves will almost always make or break the rest of the work we do. While it’s true that a once in-a-lifetime innovation or a quickly implemented stroke of genius might bring us success in spite of ourselves, 98 times out of 100 the effectiveness with which our organizations operate will depend on the way we work within ourselves. The better we manage ourselves, the better we, and everyone around us, will do.
Mindfulness, like everything else in Part 3, can help enormously to make both our lives and our management richer and more rewarding. Practicing it is, of course, a piece of effective self-management. Here, Ari devotes an entire secret to sharing his sense of it.
In his new pamphlet, “Humility: A Humble, Anarchistic Inquiry,” Zingerman’s co-founder Ari Weinzweig shares his two-year-long inquiry into how the gentle art of humility can bring out our humanness, elevate organizational effectiveness, enhance leadership, and enrich quality of life. Humility, Ari suggests, is subtle, but significant. While it may be easy to miss in the moment, in the long run it’s hugely important to our health and humanity.