This chapbook is part of a first edition of handmade books produced in Ann Arbor by Zingerman’s Press. A limited number were lovingly made using a simple three-hole pamphlet stitch.

Ari shares his delight with the little fish, how they smash stereotypes, their versatility, cultural and economic importance, a commentary on canned versus tinned, and a celebration of the Sardinista Manifesto. Watch out—a sardine by any other name might be a herring! Read all about that and so much more. We’ve included some of our favorite recipes too.

The text was written by Zingerman’s co-founder and best-selling food writer, Ari Weinzweig, and it was designed in the classic Zingerman’s style. The text was printed on sustainably-forested paper made in the United States. Whether you love little fish or handmade books, we think you’ll enjoy this unique little chapbook.

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