Start Your Own Reading Revolution


Here is a bundle we’ve gathered toward a reading revolution! Ari shares:

Reading can, and has, started revolutions—in the late 19th and early 20th centuries passing political pamphlets around was a radical act.

Regular reading, working our brains out by taking in the words on the printed page, is, I believe, one of the best ways we can make that happen. The cost is incredibly low, the benefits exceptionally high. Read on, and right on! Here’s to good things—and a lot of good reading—to come.


In his new pamphlet, “Humility: A Humble, Anarchistic Inquiry,” Zingerman’s co-founder Ari Weinzweig shares his two-year-long inquiry into how the gentle art of humility can bring out our humanness, elevate organizational effectiveness, enhance leadership, and enrich quality of life. Humility, Ari suggests, is subtle, but significant. While it may be easy to miss in the moment, in the long run it’s hugely important to our health and humanity.
In “Going into Business with Emma Goldman,” Ari brings together two seemingly incompatible approaches—the century-old, revolutionary, anarchist beliefs of Emma Goldman and the business world with which she was, for most of her life, at odds. As Ari imagines it, the pamphlet is “an adventure in intellectual time travel—an uplifting, anarchist fable for the modern world.” This pamphlet brings to life Emma Goldman’s history, pulls extensively from her writing and speeches, and takes a few creative twists and turns to imagine her past a bit differently than it was, positioning her perspectives perfectly for the world of progressive business. The 18 lessons in the pamphlet can breathe life into any caring company, interested organization, or individual who wants to live a creative and fulfilled life!
This booklet shares the inside scoop on the organizational beliefs that help make Zingerman's what it is. William James once wrote, "Belief creates the actual fact." If we want to change the "facts of our lives," a great place to begin is by examining—and potentially changing—our beliefs.
The book includes “Secrets #19-29″ of the Zingerman’s Experience, including essays on the energy crisis in the American workplace, servant leadership, stewardship, why everyone’s a leader, Zingerman’s entrepreneurial approach to management, and Ari’s approach to Anarcho-Capitalism.